Create data-driven communications at machine scale

Don’t let the smart guys have all the fun

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, Story Analyzer is our advanced natural language processing and generation (Advanced NLPG) platform for enterprise organizations that goes beyond reporting the numbers—it creates perfectly written, meaningful narratives for any intended audience.

In a multi-step process, Story Analyzer achieves what no other company in the world can do. Using semantic analysis it transforms words and phrases into numbers. And from these numbers we run a huge number of statistical programs against them to understand trends in the data. Which are really elements of the story. Once that has been completed, artificial intelligence is used to transform those numbers back into words that humans can more easily understand.

While advances in data visualization and data science are helpful, quickly getting to an easily understandable explanation is difficult. Story Analyzer immediately adds value to data by identifying the most relevant information and conveying it through professional, conversational language. The result? Intelligent narratives that efficiently communicate the insights buried in data that people can comprehend, act on and trust.

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Identifies What Matters

Whether describing your top sales performers or evaluating your portfolio against a benchmark, Story Analyzer identifies the facts that are foundational to your narrative. Since not every result from this data is interesting or important, Story Analyzer  uses your business rules to identify thresholds, drivers, trends and relationships to determine what matters most to your business.


Generates the Narrative

Story Analyzer leverages natural language generation software to produce content which meets your communication goals, business rules and overarching stylistic preferences, such as tone, style and formatting. Finally, Story Analyzer automatically applies natural language to the most relevant information and assembles a narrative that is indistinguishable from a human-written one.


Informs Your Audiences

Story Analyzer allows you to increase the value of your data by fulfilling the tailored information requirements of all audiences. Whether you are communicating to regulatory bodies, employees, business partners or consumers, Story Analyzer delivers 1:1 personalized communications in a consistent, brand-aware voice at a scale only possible with technology.